11 Social Media Trends for Brands to Engage


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, brands must continually adapt and experiment with their methods of content delivery to captivate their audience’s imagination and maintain effective communication.


As the journey of digital transformation unfolds, the key to success lies in staying ahead of the curve and embracing unpredictability. Sosarena International, with its vast experience in this realm, can help you navigate this dynamic environment for your future projects.


The Power of Boldness on Social Media

Brands that dare to be different on social media gain a significant edge. Their proactive approach allows them to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing social space. However, to truly harness the potential of this platform, brands must go beyond being just present; they must be innovative and strategic in their endeavors. Sosarena International’s expertise in creating daring and reactive strategies can set your brand apart from the competition.


The Rise of Short-Form Video Content

The digital world is witnessing a surge in the consumption of short-form video content. Millennials, in particular, are spending more time than ever watching these bite-sized videos on their mobile devices. This trend is being leveraged by social media channels such as Facebook and SnapChat, which are at the forefront of this digital revolution.


Providing Value to Your Audience

To gain a loyal following on social media, you need to provide real value to your audience. Sosarena International excels in helping brands craft content that grants people live access to events, product launches, interactions with special guests, and an inside look into the daily life of your brand. This value-driven approach is a key component of successful social media engagement.


Exclusive Access and Personal Engagement

People crave exclusive information and personal interactions. Some brands have masterfully used platforms like SnapChat to provide exclusive content that’s not available elsewhere. International brands have forged deep connections with their audience on a personal level. Sosarena International can guide you on how to effectively collaborate with influencers to interact with your audience and create memorable experiences.


Facebook Live: A Game-Changer in the Middle East

Facebook Live has created a seismic shift in the digital space, and it is now available in the Middle East. This feature is a boon for brands looking to showcase new collections, products, unboxing videos, how-to guides, address fan concerns, host talk shows, or debates. Sosarena International can help you harness the potential of Facebook Live for your future projects, creating a series of engaging content that keeps your audience hooked.


The real-time nature of Facebook Live allows fans to actively participate by messaging questions and sharing links during the live stream. Brands like Taco Bell, Nissan, and Benefit Cosmetics have already harnessed this feature, generating significant engagement for their channels. Notably, once a Facebook Live video concludes, it remains on the page as a regular video, providing extended visibility and engagement.


Facebook’s Dominance in Video Content

According to Facebook Reports, people spend three times longer watching Facebook Live videos compared to non-live videos. The platform garners an astounding average of 8 billion daily video views. Branded video content, as observed, has 148% greater organic reach than standard photo posts. With these statistics, Facebook has emerged as a formidable rival to both YouTube and traditional TV.



In conclusion, as the digital realm continues to evolve, brands need to stay daring, adaptive, and value-driven in their approach. Sosarena International, with its experience and expertise, can be your guiding force in navigating the ever-changing digital landscape for your future projects. Make the most of this transformative journey and achieve your digital ambitions.


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