About Us

Technology is everywhere–entwined in almost every part of our culture. It affects how we live, work, play, and most importantly learn. And for anyone not to be left out and for more enhancement of the next billion users, this vision is birthed.

With mobile and other wireless devices like the IoT becoming an increasing requirement across every industry today, it only makes sense that our environment are equipped more for its sustainability.

Samson Sanyaolu

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Our Vision
We envision skillful, purposeful and prosperous youth.

Sosarena Int’l focuses on brand design, strategy, website development and other digital services. We always seek to build unique successful brands and likewise empower young innovators.

Our Mission
We are driven by our passion and curiosity to create the prosperous youthful enabling environment through our digital strategies and trainings.

We are blessed with diverse team of creatives from different back-grounds with a shared desire to help make the future of every youths a brighter one by giving value to them and blessing the community in return.

Industry Experts

Meet The Instructors

Samson Sanyaolu
Digital Designer & Developer
Erika Mina
Mobile Development Instructor
Amy Rose
Machine Learning Instructor
Adrian Cruz
Data Science Instructor